Course Requirements

  • Students must complete at least six courses (18 credit hours) from the list of courses posted in the General Announcements.
  • Students must complete one core course and five elective courses. Additional core courses count toward the elective course requirements.
  • At least four courses (12 credit hours) must be at the 300-level or higher.
  • With the exception of core courses, no more than two courses (6 credit hours) from the same department may be used to fulfill the requirements of the minor.
  • At least four of the courses (12 credit hours) applied towards the minor should be taken at Rice University. Students may apply up to 6 transfer credit hours from coursework taken outside Rice, if those transfer credits come from U.S. or international universities of similar standing.
  • Requests for the application of transfer credit towards PLST minor requirements will be considered by the PLST directors on an individual case-by-case basis.
  • Students may count one internship with 3 credit hours toward the requirements for the minor, as long as the internship substantively reflects the thematic focus of the minor in PLST. As general guidance, acceptable internships are concerned with the public dimension of law or fall into the area of public policy. Proposed internships have to be approved by the director before the official start date of the internship. Internships must adhere to the requirements and policies governing internships as they have been established by the School of Humanities and/or the School of Social Sciences.
  • Transfer credit coursework received via the articulation of AP, IB or A- level credit will not be considered. Additionally, transfer credit from online-only courses cannot be used to count toward the minor.
PLST 301 Modern Political Thought: From Machiavelli to Rawls
PLST 302 Contemporary Political Theory
PLST 316/CLAS316 Democracy and Political Theory in Ancient Greece
HIST 373 19th-Century Social and Political Thought
HIST 392 Pre-Modern Political Thought from Cicero to Locke
No more than two courses, or 6 credit hours, from the same department may be used to fulfill the minor requirements.
ANTH 309 Global Cultures
ANTH 317 Revolution and Utopias
ANTH 319 Symbolism and Power
ANTH 322 Cultures and Identities: Race, Ethnicity, and Nationalism
ANTH 326 Law, Power and Culture
ANTH 340 Neoliberalism and Globalization
ANTH 372 Cultures of Capitalism
ANTH 429 Activism and Social Movements
Asian Studies
ASIA/POLI 489 Chinese Politics
Classical and European Studies
CLAS 201/PHIL 201/MDEM 201 History of Philosophy I
CLAS 236 Art and Politics in Ancient Rome
CLAS 316/PLST 316 Democracy and Political Theory in Ancient Greece
FREN 324 From Decolonization to Globalization
FREN 453 Immigration and Citizenship in Contemporary France
GERM 128 The Culture of War: Violence, Conflict, and Representation
GERM 333 Nietzsche: Philosophy, Politics, History
GERM 334 Nationalism and Citizenship
GERM 349 German Political Thought
HIST 340/SWGS345 History of Feminism
HIST 359 The United States in the 20th-Century World
HIST 373 19th-Century Social and Political Thought
HIST 392 Pre-Modern Political Thought from Cicero to Locke
HIST 398/SWGS 398 Topics in Legal History
HIST 423 American Radical and Reformers
HIST 448 Western European Welfare Stare, 1880-1980: Origins, Consolidations, Crisis
HIST 455 History of Human Rights
HIST 457 Four Modern Revolutions: 1776, 1789, 1917, 1989
PHIL 111/SWGS 111 Introduction to Feminist Philosophy
PHIL 116 Introduction to the Philosophy of Law
PHIL 201/CLAS 201/MDEM 201 History of Philosophy I
PHIL 202 History of Philosophy II
PHIL 307 Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL 308 Continental Philosophy
PHIL 316 Philosophy of Law
PHIL 319/SWGS 319 Feminist Philosophy
PHIL 326 History of Ethics
PHIL 327 History of Social and Political Philosophy
Political Science
POLI 209 Introduction to Constitutionalism and Modern Political Thought
POLI 210 American Government and Politics
POLI 211 Introduction to International Relations
POLI 321 American Constitutional Law
POLI 333 Comparative Legislatures
POLI 340 Ancient and Medieval Political Theory
POLI 357 Democracy and Democratization
POLI 371 Civil Wars
POLI 457 Conditions of Democracy
POLI/ASIA 489 Chinese Politics
POLI 490 Politics and the Arts
SOCI 380 Social Theory
SOCI 396 Law and Resistance in the Everyday
SOCI 426 Contemporary Theory
Law Internships and Practica
HUMA 404 Law Internship
HUMA 405 Law Internship
SOSC 405 Law Practicum
SOSC 406 Law Practicum

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