Julie Fette

WEBSITE(S)| https://ces.rice.edu/people/faculty/julie-fette

Research Areas
History • Social Sciences • Gender • Xenophobia
Julie Fette studied French history and social sciences at the Institute of French Studies at New York University and at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales in Paris. At Rice, she is a faculty affiliate of the Center for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality and a faculty scholar at the Baker Institute's Center for the Middle East.
She is the author Exclusions: Practicing Prejudice in French Law and Medicine, 1920-1945 (2012), a study of discrimination among middle-class professionals that examines social mobility, professionalization, public opinion, anti-Semitism, and xenophobia in mid-twentieth-century French society. Her current research focuses on representations of gender and ethnicity in contemporary French children’s literature. In addition, she is co-authoring a revised edition of the French civilization textbook, Les Français.
Her research interests include gender, xenophobia, immigration, children’s literature, and dance. She has published about other subjects such as memory, theatre, and professional women. She teaches courses on modern French society, history, and culture.
Selected Publications
Exclusions: Practicing Prejudice in French Law and Medicine, 1920-1945 (Ithaca, NY: 
Cornell University Press, 2012).
“From Casablanca to Houston: A Family Story,” French Politics, Culture & Society 36/3 (2018), 32-60.
“Gender and the Role of Talents Hauts in Contemporary French Children's Literature,” Children's Literature Association Quarterly 43 (2018), 285-306.
“Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and the Future of French Studies,” Contemporary French Civilization 41 (2016), 381-95.
(Co-authored), “Putting the Studies in French Studies: Teaching History and Social Sciences in a French Department,” Contemporary French Civilization 40 (2015), 25-48.
“Acting the Dreyfus Affair: History and Theatre in the French Classroom,” PMLA 126 (2011), 737-45.
“Apology and the Past in Contemporary France,” French Politics, Culture & Society 26/2 (2008), 78-113.
“Pride and Prejudice in the Professions: Women Doctors and Lawyers in Third Republic France,” Journal of Women’s History 19/3 (2007), 60-86.
“Xenophobia in the Professions: From the Third Republic to the Fifth,” Contemporary French Civilization 21/2 (2007), 9-38.